Enabling practical applications
of artificial intelligence.

Conducting cutting-edge research and development in the field of artificial intelligence.
Combining the best of machine intelligence with human abilities in a seamless experience.
Deploying our product at scale to create a massive shift in the customer service industry.

Our Company

DigitalGenius brings practical applications of artificial intelligence into the customer service operations of global companies. Its Human+AI Customer Service Platform combines the best of human intellect and artificial intelligence enabling companies to live up to and exceed rising consumer expectations.

At its core are deep learning algorithms, which are trained on historical customer service transcripts and integrated directly into the contact center’s existing software. Once enabled, the platform automates and increases the quality and efficiency of customer support conversations across text-based communication channels like email, chat, social media and mobile messaging.

DigitalGenius in the media

Our Investors

DigitalGenius is backed by leading technology investors from Silicon Valley, New York and London.