An artificial intelligence layer for your contact center.

Start using DigitalGenius within your existing customer service software through one of our integrations including Salesforce, Zendesk, Sparkcentral and more.

Dynamic training through agent interactions.

DigitalGenius trains by ingesting conversation data from historical and real-time conversation logs.

Our deep learning approach enables fast implementation and continuous improvement of the model. The algorithm becomes smarter over time by learning from agents.

Intelligent Case Pre-Filling, Prompts and Automation

For each incoming message, our deep neural networks predict the case type and fields, the appropriate answer along with a specific confidence rating. Answers above the confidence threshold are automated, while the rest are served as intelligent prompts to agents. The agent approves or personalizes them, further training the model.

Automation Threshold:

Can I bring my puppy on the flight?

Answer confidence: 98%

Yes, you can bring pets on board in economy and business class.

Personalize Approve Automated

Is the seat next to me still empty?

Answer confidence: 75%

The seat next to you is available.

Personalize Approve Automated

Measurable results.

Achieve tangible improvement in your contact center performance
through the use of artificial intelligence.

Optimize case handling time.

Return the wasted minutes (or hours!) to every agent's day.

Improve agent satisfaction.

Provide agents with a personal AI to cut down on frustration and repetitive daily tasks.

Increase quality and CSAT.

Ensure that speed and accuracy are in line with growing customer expectations.

Reinforce your contact center for peak activity.

Disruptions happen. Accelerate response times during spikes when your customers need it most.

Make better decisions.

Use the DigitalGenius Analytics Platform to further optimize the performance of your contact center.

  • Business Insights

    View trending topics and derive insights from conversations to create better content guidelines and agent training.

  • Capacity Monitoring

    Forecast your contact center capacity by understanding unlocked time produced by automated responses and intelligent prompts.

  • Performance Management

    Measure and analyze the performance of your customer service team.

Trending Topics
New Business Class Seats 960
Weather Related Disruptions 560
Special Food Requests 149
Reservation Changes 872
Partners and Promotional offers 90
Facebook Messenger

190 hours

time saved

Email Requests

120 hours

time saved


290 hours

time saved

Live Chat

340 hours

time saved

KPI Measurement

Questions answered within 15 minutes

Well Done Team!

In last week, 97% of user requests via Twitter, Email and Facebook Messenger were handled in 15 minutes or less.

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