Customer Support Automation for eCommerce

DigitalGenius is a no-code platform that combines AI integrations and workflows to make your customers, team and inbox happy.

  • We were able to launch within a couple of weeks. In no time at all we were automating almost 40% of our contacts, with a resolution rate of over 90% whilst hitting our CSAT goal of 95%…we are so happy to have DigitalGenius as a partner for the future.

    Chandni Bhatt
    Senior Manager, Beauty Pie
  • A good asset to have in your customer experience team. DG gives us more time to focus on requests needing more attention and expertise.

    Sylvain Ricard
    Customer Success Manager, Freeletics
  • A great product from a fast-growing company. We no longer spend our time answering repeatable questions. Great product – AI makes up 20% of our support tools.

    Floor Schade
    Product Owner, G-STAR RAW
  • Amazing results! We were able to surpass the initial automation goal within our trial period. “We were automating well above 30% of our inquiries within 2 weeks

    Felix Evertz
    Senior Manager Retail Operations & Customer Service, Snipes
  • We have automated one of the top contact drivers for our operations: cancellations and refunds.

    Antonio Naddeo
    Director of Customer Service, Packlink
  • Great innovative collaboration in which we really are able to add value to our customer service. A good product that allows us to improve the lives of our service agents and customers.

    Alexander van Perlstein
    Business Analyst, KLM
  • Easy automation and great customer experience. We can get back to customers quicker increasing our efficiencies and improving their experience.

    Sarina Chudasama
    Customer Experience Manager, Holland & Barrett


One platform, a complete customer service solution

Leverage 50+ pre-built Ecommerce AI use cases to instantly detect customer messages

  • Need to cancel an order quickly?

    Customers can cancel orders simply and easily without the need for agents intervention.

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  • Need to return an order quickly?

    Our AI platform can auto-generate return labels and help customers return goods, fuss-free.

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  • Want to know where an order is? Or, need a tracking number?

    Our platform automatically checks order journeys to update customers instantly.

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  • Don’t leave customers waiting

    Anticipate and resolve problems before customers get in touch with proactive automation.

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So much more than just another chatbot

Powerful Ecommerce platform that helps like a human

Customer service is the biggest strategic differentiator for Ecommerce businesses. Building a frictionless buyer journey is more important than ever, and having a bad one will cost you heavily. We are living in an experience economy where relationships with consumers matter the most.

The way people buy has changed forever – are you up to the challenge?

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Everything you need to deliver an amazing customer experience

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    Final Checklist for the Golden Quarter 2022

  • How To Prioritise Your Customer During Peak Season

    How To Prioritise Your Customer During Peak Season

  • How to retain your customers during an economic downturn

    How to retain your customers during an economic downturn

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