The Black Friday Survival Kit

Why DigitalGenius is the ultimate survival tool for you this Black Friday

We hope you enjoy your box of treats

We know that Black Friday and peak period is never the easiest time for retailers, so we hope you appreciate our gift to you! We’d love it if you could let us know what you think of it on LinkedIn!

What would you and your team do if you received 20% fewer tickets?

That’s one day a week per team member. That means you could stay on top of your backlog. You could spend more time with each customer. You would have more time to go the extra mile and provide more value for your business.

DigitalGenius can help you get there.



of tickets resolved automatically


reduction in average resolution time


reduction in first reply time



of tickets resolved automatically


of WISMO queries handled automatically


CSAT increase on all tickets



reduction in response time


cases resolved automatically


order-related enquiries resolved

How DigitalGenius can help you

  • Fully resolve customer queries without agent involvement.
  • Faster response times, and less waiting time for customers.
  • Quicker customer resolutions = higher customer satisfaction.
  • Answer questions in your own brand style and tone of voice.
  • Address customers via email, chat, social or any other channel.
  • Get started quickly with 60+ ecommerce use cases available off the rack.

DigitalGenius can help you provide the best possible customer experience this Black Friday.

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