Unveiling Antler’s AI Superstar: How DigitalGenius Empowered Their Rebrand Journey as a Top Customer Service Agent

Despite the challenges of new systems, and being in the midst of a peak period, Antler successfully cleared the backlog by leveraging the user-friendly and efficient features of DigitalGenius.

“It’s incredible to witness customer satisfaction when, even on a Sunday, DigitalGenius promptly responds within minutes. We’ve received CSAT reviews expressing surprise and appreciation, with amazing comments.”

Antony Bowen, Customer Success Manager


  • 46% WISMO Queries Solved

  • 50% Warranty Claims Queries Automated

  • 33% Email Tickets Resolved in 10 Weeks

Antler have been crafting exceptional travel solutions for over a century, with a rich heritage dating back to 1914. Combining timeless craftsmanship with innovative design to create luggage that meets the evolving needs of modern travellers.

After being acquired by ATR Holdings, they underwent a complete overhaul, with a new systems. But change never comes easy! they needed a super solution that was quick, innovative, easy-to-use and sustainable.

Antler’s board had recognised the significance of digital transformation and the integration of AI tools like DigitalGenius to enhance CS and enable the team was crucial for success. They had a clean slate, a fresh start and their company philosophy centred on empowering their service team to add value, rather than being burdened by repetitive administrative work. And they knew to achieve this goal, they needed automation.

AI is not a magic wand that will solve all your problems right away. The Antler team acknowledged the initial learning curve associated with automation processes but soon discovered DigitalGenius’s incredible potential to automate and optimise their CS processes. After setting the brand vision and processes in place, the combined power and harmony of two working systems, DigitalGenius and Gorgias enabled the Antler team to automate the repetitive tasks and focus on higher-value CS activities.

Working closely with DigitalGenius’s experts, Antler was able to identify their key drivers and implemented automation solutions to streamline their operations. Notably, they fully automated their returns process, allowing customers to initiate returns through  a bespoke returns portal, which DigitalGenius seamlessly handled including customer communication, refunds, and system updates. This automation not only improved the customer journey but also freed up the Antler team’s core agent’s creative time to focus on more impactful tasks, which was a compliment to their new brand philosophy.

I didn’t know you guys were working on a Sunday!

The integration of DG and Gorgias provided numerous benefits to Antler’s customer service operations. Stephanie described DG as her “extra agent” that could be trained to align precisely with her expectations. The ability to fine-tune DigitalGenius’s behaviour and witness occasional “rogue” actions allowed for continuous improvement and the development of a super agent.

“It’s incredible to witness their satisfaction when, even on a Sunday, DigitalGenius promptly responds within minutes. We’ve received CSAT reviews expressing surprise and appreciation, with amazing comments. Thanks to DigitalGenius, we extend our service coverage and exceed customer expectations.”

The timely and efficient support offered by DigitalGenius improved customer satisfaction and extended their service coverage.

Antler also highlighted the cost-effectiveness of leveraging AI tools like DG. Instead of relying solely on overtime, additional headcount, or temporary staff with minimal training during peak periods, DigitalGenius enabled the team to maintain a high level of service without sacrificing quality.

As Antler looks to the future, they continue to be excited about the possibilities that automation and DG offer. They remain committed to exploring new automation opportunities, expanding their flows, and leveraging DG’s capabilities to advance their customer service and achieve their vision of providing exceptional service while scaling their business.

What’s on the horizon for Antler?

Currently the Antler team is utilising five flows created with DigitalGenius and aim to expand this number while transitioning to DigitalGenius Chat.

Looking ahead, Antler have ambitious goals. Starting off with automating Whatsapp and Chat their biggest project involves warranty claims. With the help of DigitalGenius’s AI capabilities, like image recognition, they plan to train the AI to handle warranty tickets more efficiently. This project aligns with their objective of maintaining a high level of service as the business scales and enables their core human team to focus on customer experience rather than reactive customer service.