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Aylesbury Vale Reduces Costs and Drops Response Times by 50% with DigitalGenius

Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) implemented DigitalGenius in Salesforce ServiceCloud to bring practical AI to its customer service operation. DigitalGenius is now automating over 17% of all cases, and is driving lower costs and faster responses to AVDC customers.

What the client said

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Maryvonne Hassall, Digital Strategy Manager

“The best thing about DigitalGenius is that the AI is continuously improving. As it develops every day, AVDC is now looking at ways of automating even further, broadening the range of questions that we can answer so as to enhance our customers’ everyday experience. We can almost directly correlate DigitalGenius technology with our people management, allowing us the flexibility to move people around the organization and to use their time in a more productive customer-focused way.”


  • 50 % reduction of handle time

  • 17 % of cases automated

  • 96 x accuracy of AI predictions

  • The Challenge

    Increasing expectations in a 24/7 digital-first experience for residents has always been at the center of AVDC’s digital transformation strategy. Its conception was initiated following the announcement that local councils would no longer receive government grants. This led AVDC to consider how it could keep operating costs at a manageable level, while meeting council residents’ increasing expectations. It resolved to invest in AI-powered systems for the residents’ services team.

    The introduction of AI was part of AVDC’s innovative ongoing Connected Knowledge approach. This strategy unifies all the existing information about residents in one platform – Salesforce – and makes use of this information with the help of AI to better serve the enquiries from its residents.

  • The Result

    By implementing DigitalGenius AI into their Salesforce Service Cloud interface, AVDC has been able to reduce customer response times by 50%.

    By design, AI learns from every interaction in what is called “continuous learning”. Every time an ADVC agent approves, rejects or modifies one of the answers suggested by DigitalGenius, the system becomes smarter.

    DigitalGenius automatically routes cases and predicts case metadata like tags, classes and reason codes. When an agent receives a new question, they are presented with an AI-suggested response to save time. The AI is trained on historical logs, using a deep learning algorithm that works in any language on any channel.In only 12 months, 50% of all responses are being automatically sent without amendment by human agents.

    Today, all customer service questions that show a DigitalGenius confidence level above 90% are fully automated. This represents over 17% of AVDC’s total case volume.


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