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Beauty Pie

DigitalGenius and Route 101 help Beauty Pie to achieve a CSAT score of 95% through automation

Beauty Pie is a fast-growing beauty subscription designed to challenge established mainstream brands. As a subscription business it deals with high volume of transactional customer service requests, which were ripe for automation.

What Our Customers Say

Beauty Pie

Chandni Bhatt, Senior Manager, Beauty Pie

“We were able to launch within a couple of weeks. In no time at all we were automating 40% of our contacts, with a resolution rate of over 90%, whilst hitting our CSAT goal of 95%… we are so happy to have Route 101 and DigitalGenius as partners for the future.”


  • 40 % Enquiries Handled Without Human Interaction

  • 95 % CSAT score

  • 90 % Reduction in First Response Time

  • The Challenge

    The Beauty Pie team found that repetitive, low-complexity enquiries were taking a lot of agent time and effort, and identified that there was an opportunity to reduce the time and cost to serve, whilst reducing customer effort and delivering a better experience to its subscribers.

    In feedback from customers, Beauty Pie found one of the key areas of frustration was around cancelling or downgrading subscriptions. Not only was this issue causing problems for customers but also it was an area of difficulty for its agents.

    During the scoping sessions, it was quickly recognised by Route 101 that reducing the number of transactional tickets was vital for this project and that the cutting-edge AI platform from DigitalGenius would be a perfect fit.

  • The Solution

    The Beauty Pie team could see the obvious benefits and agreed to a trial. During this relatively short trial period, the AI was incredibly successful, handling 12,000 tickets per week or 40% of the total enquiries, easily doubling expectations for the trial. Not only this but it was handling tickets with a 96% success rate, with only a small number being handed on to agents.

    These incredible figures show that the introduction of DigitalGenius has allowed Beauty Pie to break the connection between the growth of the business and headcount. No longer does an increase in customers immediately mean they need more agents, as the AI is on hand to deal with such a high proportion of incoming customer interactions.


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    40% of Enquiries Automated

    In the trial period alone, DigitalGenius successfully automated more than 40% of inbound enquiries, with this number expected to grow to over 50%

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    90% Reduction in first response time

    Median first response time fell 90%, as did wait times and full resolution times.

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    Equivalent to 5 full-time employees

    DigitalGenius took on the work of 5 full-time employees, allowing them to be deployed to more important tasks

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