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Coursehero resolves 20% of support tickets with DigitalGenius AI

In the first 90 days, 20% of support tickets were fully resolved end to end with DigitalGenius Autopilot, saving thousands of dollars each month.

What the client said

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Maria Muniz, Head of Customer Support

“We chose Digital Genius because we were excited about their ability to fully automate the most repetitive customer inquiry. Today Digital Genius is handling a third of all inbound service tickets. Its allowing our agents to shift to more proactive orientation. We love these results”


  • 20 % of tickets resolved

  • 90 % CSAT for automated tickets

  • $10,000 + saved per month

  • The Challenge

    The traditional seasonal student calendar, as well as Coursehero’s continuous growth, led to challenges within the company’s customer support department. Traditional solutions such as adding more staff to the support team to cope with more traffic, were discarded due to lack of scalability and cost. Coursehero has built a thriving online business that serves millions of students, while keeping a relatively small customer support team

  • The Solution

    Coursehero were not merely looking for an AI tool that could respond to customer inquiries quickly, but a solution that could also automate time consuming processes that are part of the customer journey. The company turned to DigitalGenius for help

  • The Result

    By implementing DigitalGenius into their Zendesk interface and backend systems, Coursehero has been able to significantly improve their key customer service metrics and save thousands of dollars per month in the process. DigitalGenius not only helps the support team by automatically answering customer inquiries, it also automates and executes repetitive processes with a proprietary technology called Conversational Process Automation.

    Results show that 33% of inbound tickets are now handled by DigitalGenius, with over half resolved without agent involvement. Automated responses also receive praise by numerous happy customers. The speed and effectiveness are commonly highlighted and Coursehero today shows a very healthy CSAT of 90%


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