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By using DigitalGenius through Route 101, musicMagpie took pressure off its advisors – halving ticket resolution times, and cutting first response time by 67%

What Our Customers Say


Jonathan Beirne, Head of Customer

“Our partnership with Route 101 and DigitalGenius has allowed us to take some pressure off the agents – freeing them up to spend more time with customers with more complex questions that really need that human touch. Automating our routine tickets has enabled us to provide our customers with an incredibly low first response time while delivering a high quality service.”

The Impact of the Solution at a Glance:

  • 50 % reduction in Full Resolution Time

  • 40 % reduction in wait times between replies

  • 67 % reduction in First Reply Time

  • The Challenge

    The musicMagpie team use Zendesk as their main customer service tool.

    The business had already made strides into creating super-efficient agent processes for certain types of customer enquiry using Zendesk’s native workflow capabilities and through a custom Zendesk app that integrated with their Order Management System. This meant that some of the common reasons for contact like WISMO (where-is-my-order) and damaged item issues were taking just over a minute to resolve.

    With the strong foundation of the Zendesk platform, the business began exploring ways to leverage AI to take the next step towards even greater operational efficiency and fully automate the simple, transactional tickets. In turn this would free up their most valuable resource – the agents – to focus on the more complex and emotive customer issues.

  • The Solution

    Route 101 met with the musicMagpie team to run a series of workshops – conducting in-depth discovery work and building an understanding of the challenges faced by the customer service operation. Prioritising ROI, the Route 101 team explored various solutions to introduce further automation into the email channel and automate transactional customer queries.

    The AI and machine-learning elements within DigitalGenius’ market-leading, multilingual solution meant thatthe platform could understand the intent behind a customer email, and follow existing business processes and logic to automate a response, with >99% intent and public accuracy.


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    tickets per week resolved by DigitalGenius

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    reduction in Full Resolution Time

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    reduction in wait times between replies

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    reduction in First Reply Time (the time between ticket received and user first response) a 599 minute reduction

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    greater than agent average (DigitalGenius automated CSAT >74%, agent applicable CSAT >68%)

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