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DigitalGenius helped Odlo automate over 35% of chats in just one month

Odlo is a 75-year old sports fashion brand based in Norway that manufactures modern, comfortable, and functional sports apparel for skiing, snowboarding, and other outdoor activities.

What Our Customers Say


Anne-Catherine Grunholzer, Head of Customer Service Odlo

“Using DigitalGenius has helped us tremendously, particularly during our peak season. Thanks to the automation, our agents could fully focus on more individual requests and advising on products. The customer experience has improved significantly due to the fast first response time, 24/7 availability and high accuracy of the automated answers, which is reflected in the best rating ever for Odlo on our review platform”


  • 35 % Messages Automated

  • 90 % Tickets Resolved

  • 5 Languages Enabled

  • The Challenge

    Like many medium-sized businesses, Odlo didn’t have the CRM in-house to handle their customer service, so they had to rely on an external customer support agency to manage their high volume tickets during their peak winter season.

    They tasked DigitalGenius with providing better, faster customer service through automation- without a CRM and giving their external agency fewer tickets to manage to lower their costs.

  • The Solution

    We deployed DigitalGenius before Odlo’s peak ticket times to help them manage their next peak. Using our carrier and Ecommerce integrations, DigitalGenius set up Zendesk for Odlo and integrated it with Commerce Cloud. Since they had no in-house customer support team, we developed a unique prompt to send unresolved tickets to their external agency, ensuring their customers always got a human response if they needed it.

    We also set up an alert system that let management know if there were issues with ticket quality. Odlo is now working on an ERP integration that will allow DigitalGenius to handle the majority of their customer queries and further decrease the dependency on the external agency. Overall, DigitalGenius allowed Odlo to gain more control of their customer service performance and reduce the number of tickets sent to their external agency, reducing their customer support costs.

    Integrations used:


    with data integration of: Order status, Tracking link, Carriers.


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    Messages Automated
    In just one month of going live, DigitalGenius successfully automated more than 35% of inbound enquiries

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    Tickets Resolved
    Thanks to DigitalGenius’ human-like responses, it was able to resolve 90% of all automated tickets in the first month

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    Languages Enabled
    DigitalGenius successfully delivered automated customer support in English, German, French, Dutch, and Italian