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On Outpaces Competition with 60% of All Queries Resolved by DigitalGenius

Over the last 9 months, DigitalGenius has resolved 60% of all incoming customer inquiries, doubled the Happiness Delivery team’s productivity and helped On to continue growing without sacrificing the customer experience. On Running now handles 250% more customer inquiries, with only 10% more happiness delivery agents.

What the Client Said

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On Running

Verena, Head of Customer Experience

“Our expectations of what was possible with AI were not only met, but exceeded. DigitalGenius has given us back control over our inbox – reducing our customer wait time by 93%. Customers are satisfied and our happiness delivery agents are more engaged and happier than ever.”


  • 93 % Reduction in Customer Wait Time

  • 60 % Cases resolved without Agent intervention

  • 2 x Improved Agent Productivity

  • The Solution

    On Running is not a company known to shy away from innovation. So when their customer service team became overwhelmed due to their sudden success, they wanted to find a creative solution. They turned to AI to allow them to maintain quality while decreasing the overall response rate. On deployed DigitalGenius’ e-commerce offering in a matter of days. They’ve integrated the platform with Salesforce Service Cloud along with other backend systems. This allows customers to receive a tailored resolution based on up-to-date information in seconds rather than days or hours They’ve also enabled multilingual support in order to provide assistance to customers in German. Because DigitalGenius uses historical customer conversations to automate resolutions, no translation was needed by the On Running team.


Due to the fast deployment time, On started seeing results almost immediately:

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    of all incoming inquiries were accurately resolved without human intervention. 80% of all order status inquiries and 64% of all order updates are addressed by DigitalGenius.

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    more customer inquiries, with only 10% more agent time.

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    Over half

    of all customer cases are resolved in less than a day, even during seasonal volume spikes.

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    Average First Reply Time drop, with many customers receiving answers in seconds.

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    of all incoming messages were resolved with no human intervention during peak

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