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Porto’s Bakery

DigitalGenius helps Porto’s Bakery save $7K+ a month with proactive CS automation

Porto’s Bakery is a company based in California that ships their best-selling range of frozen pastries, cakes, rolls, loafs, and empanadas straight to their customers, so they can bake them at home in 3 easy steps.

What Our Customers Say

Porto’s Bakery

Jennifer Wells, Director of Porto’s Marketing & Brand

“DigitalGenius has been instrumental in relieving pressure on our internal teams, helping us deliver quality customer service, and proactively managing service recovery opportunities”


  • 30 K Proactive Messages

  • 93 % On-time Deliveries

  • 90 K+ Shipping Savings

  • The Challenge

    Porto’s Bakery has to ship their bake-at-home selection of tasty treats to customers 1-2 days, before their requested arrival date (this varies slightly per state). If they don’t ship within this strict time frame, their products will spoil and have to be thrown away, causing dissatisfied customers, a ruined reputation, and a significant financial loss.

    As a fast-growing bakery, they need help keeping up with demands and avoiding the usual issues of hiring more staff – all while maintaining the great level of customer satisfaction they’re known for.

  • The Solution

    Using DigitalGenius’ carrier and Ecommerce integrations, DigitalGenius can identify if a Porto’s Bakery carrier has lost a package or has a delayed delivery. When this happens, the platform proactively sends a message to the customer, offering a replacement or refund.

    DigitalGenius then automates a replacement, which often comes before the delayed package or issues a refund – protecting Porto’s Bakery’s reputation and taking the pressure off staff. With the smooth introduction and integration of the DigitalGenius software into their day-to-day delivery processes (without the need to hire additional staff) Porto has eliminated a lengthy hiring and training process, removed human error in order fulfilment and has improved their profit margins thanks to less employee time spent on customer queries and refunded orders.

    Integrations used:

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    Proactive Messages
    DigitalGenius sends on avg. 300+ proactive customer messages per day

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    Shipping Savings
    Porto’s Bakery can leverage delayed order details to carriers saving $7K per month

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