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Our platform fully resolves 15% of seratos support tickets

Since adding DigitalGenius Al to their Zendesk environment Serato has reduced Full Resolution Times, First Reply Times, and freed Agents up to handle more complex tickets.

What the client said


Luke Bradshaw, Support Operations Manager

“Digital Genius enables Serato Customer Support to help our customers faster and more efficiently, and prevents our customers from getting frustrated while waiting for a response to a simple question.”


  • 82.4 % Coverage across two Use Cases

  • 96.6 % accuracy in identifying and responding to customer requests

  • 70 % Reduction in Resolution Time

  • The Challenge

    While many of Serato’s tickets require agent expertise to help troubleshoot, Serato identified two common ticket types they believed AI could help handle. Collectively, these two use cases constituted 18% of Serato’s total ticket volume. If AI could help handle these cases it would free their customer service team to handle the more complex inquiries requiring agent involvement.

  • The Solution

    Two AI Automation Journeys were implemented for Serato to handle each use cases. Both Journeys were deployed within four weeks from project kick off, with Serato seeing an immediate impact on overall Full Resolution and First Reply Times.

  • The Result

    DigitalGenius’ AI achieved a combined 82.4% coverage and 96.6% accuracy across both ticket types with 64.1% of all cases handled by DigitalGenius resulting in Full Resolution, requiring no agent involvement whatsoever. All told, close to 10% of Serato’s total ticket volume is being fully resolved by DigitalGenius today, helping to reduce the average Full Resolution Time of these ticket types by more than 70%.


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    Coverage across two Use Cases

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    accuracy in identifying and responding to customer requests

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    Reduction in Resolution Time

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