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~60% of tickets fully resolved by DigitalGenius

Skullcandy is now able to respond to customer’s WISMO, troubleshooting and warranty enquiries in minutes rather than hours. This has freed up agents to spend time on more complex cases.


  • 50 % of tickets automated

  • 80 % of WISMO queries handled by DigitalGenius

  • 10 % CSAT increase on all tickets handled by DigitalGenius

  • The Challenge

    As the world changed over 2020 where home workouts, home working and other forms of activity became more individualised, the need for good quality headphones increased dramatically. Skullcandy experienced a rise in customer service tickets, but crucially wanted to enable customers to troubleshoot their issues easily and effectively without having to wait hours or delays in order to get a response from agents. In April Skullcandy also launched one of their biggest promotions which led to a 50% increase in ticket volume. These queries were only customers reaching out regarding how to claim their vouchers.This short boost of tickets meant that Skullcandy wanted to provide the best possible services in the quickest time.

  • The Solution

    DigitalGenius uses it’s AI model to identify cases specifically related to technical queries as well as general e-commerce queries. These included charging issues, troubleshooting (product specific), Warranty Request and Status, Order Status, Return and Refund Status. These were all specific to Skullcandy logic, which was implemented linking to their Zendesk. For the promotion, it took the DigitalGenius team a day to spin up a flow in order to help manage the influx of tickets.


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    of tickets automated

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    of WISMO queries handled by DigitalGenius

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    of all cases resolved with no agent involvement

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    CSAT increase on all tickets handled by DigitalGenius

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