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StarOfService Saw a 46% Reduction in Average Handling Time (AHT) After Implementing DigitalGenius.

After only 3 months, DigitalGenius AI correctly predicted 97% of all cases

What the client said

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Mikan Puli, Global Operations Manager

“We needed to find a way for the support team to quickly catch up on our rapid growth. We all know that hiring, on boarding and training new agents take time. That is why we are so glad to partner with DigitalGenius. The implementation was smooth and we saw the magic happen after a few days. I recommend this to any company that aims to revolutionize the world.”


  • 46 % AHT Reduction

  • 64 % Increase in capacity

  • 97 % AI Accuracy

  • The Challenge

    StarOfService’s rapid growth and expansion had translated into 64% more email enquiries per month. In order to manage the increasing volume of queries from their network of professionals and end customers, StarOfService looked into AI to help with what it does best: learn from historical data, classify incoming enquiries automatically, suggest the best answer to incoming questions and automate responses for the most common questions, in order for the StarOfService team to cope with the higher number of inquiries. The company chose DigitalGenius as their AI platform for customer service.

  • The Result

    By implementing DigitalGenius into their Zendesk agent interface, StarOfService was immediately able to significantly reduce the average time spent per case. In only the first 3 months, the AI was able to correctly predict 97% of the cases, average handling time went from 6.1 to 3.3 minutes (a 46% AHT reduction) and more than 250,000 clicks were saved.


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