Wickes deflects 40% of incoming tickets away from agents across 16 use cases in just 6 weeks

Wickes is one of the UK’s leaders in DIY and Home Improvement Products, and looked to DigitalGenius and Ascensos to help its customer service team and improve the customer experience by resolving more tickets through email and contact form automation.

What Our Customers Say

Chris Sweeney

Customer Insight Director, Wickes

“We’re excited by the potential improvements that DigitalGenius can give us based on great results in a short trial period. DigitalGenius and Ascensos smashed the targets for the selection of use cases we identified up front – automating more than double the target number of tickets.

“Providing a great digital customer experience is a key goal for Wickes, and we’re keen to embrace technology that will help us to achieve that. By using customer service automation through DigitalGenius we are looking to improve that customer experience, by reducing first response time and customer wait time, while also extending the capacity of our existing team. We’re excited by this partnership and can’t wait to see what comes next.”


  • 40 %+ automation of incoming email and contact form tickets

  • 94 % accuracy of intent detection

  • 60 % reduction in customer wait time

  • The Challenge

    As a long-running retail brand, Wickes understands that a great customer experience is essential to its success. The team at Wickes were always looking at ways to improve their customer success and respond to customers faster. With that ambition in mind, the team looked to embrace technology to solve that challenge. 

    Wickes looked at ways that it could automate many of its customer service processes and divert at least 15% of contact queries away from its agents. The goal was to reduce first response time and customer wait time. That’s where DigitalGenius and Ascensos came in.

  • The Solution

    Using DigitalGenius’s AI to detect the intent of its tickets, Wickes were able to select 16 different use cases out of the box to automate some of its more repetitive queries, such as WISMO (Where Is My Order), Change Delivery Address, Cancel Order, and How to Return. 

    Ascensos integrated DigitalGenius into Wickes’ Zendesk platform, and set up the automations using DigitalGenius’s intuitive Flow Builder. This allowed Wickes to achieve end-to-end resolutions automatically, but also to escalate any more complex issues to an agent for resolution. 

    After 6 weeks of integration, over 30% of incoming tickets in these use cases were being resolved automatically – over 2x the initial target. For these segments, there was a 99% reduction in first reply time, and a 60% reduction in customer wait time. 


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    2x Enquiries Deflected

    Wickes set out to deflect 15% of tickets away form agents. DigitalGenius and Ascensos achieved 30%+ in the trial period, over double the target

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    16 Use Cases Deployed Out of the Box

    Wickes was able to deploy 16 use cases out of the box within the trial period enabling the team to see results in 6 weeks

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    99% Reduction in First Reply Time

    For the segments deployed in the trial, there was a huge decrease in first reply time, which led to a 60% reduction in customer wait time.

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