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Zip is saving the equivalent of 1.5 full time agents with autopilot

By auto-resolving over 2,000 tickets a month DigitalGenius Autopilot has helped free Zip Agents to focus on more complex tickets while significantly reducing the First Reply Times and Full Resolution Times for Zip Customers.

What the client said

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Jabish Abraham , Continuous Improvement Manager

“DigitalGenius solves simple customer issues almost instantly which allows Zip agents to focus on complex requests.”


  • 86.4 % Reduction in Full Resolution Time for Autopilot Tickets

  • 93.6 % Full Resolution Rate of Autopilot Tickets

  • 473 % Return on Investment with Autopilot

  • The Challenge

    Zip customer service agents handle over 70,000 tickets a month and leverage a library of more than 300 macros to help answer many of the most common inquiries. Zip wanted to leverage the intelligence of AI to offload some of the ticket volume from their support team by handling many of the most frequently asked questions

  • The Solution

    DigitalGenius Autopilot was integrated into Zip’s Zendesk environment and connected to their Customer Database via an API integration to enable intelligent automation of customer inquiries based on key customer information. This integration enabled Autopilot to determine which plan a user was on to identify the appropriate response to automate and respond accordingly.

  • The Results

    Autopilot has been able to handle over 2000 tickets a month with a Full Resolution Rate of 93.6%. In doing so, Zip has seen a significant reduction in Full Resolution Times and First Reply Times, as well as a return on investment of over 473%.

    By resolving as many tickets as 1.5 agents can in a month, Autopilot has freed Zip’sCustomer Service team to focus on the complex tickets they’re needed for while,delighting customers with lightning fast response times and a full resolution of their issue in more than 9 out of 10 cases.


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    Reduction in Full Resolution Time for Autopilot Tickets

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    Full Resolution Rate of Autopilot Tickets

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    Return on Investment with Autopilot

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