Cut your overall customer service costs

Handle more tickets without hiring extra permanent or seasonal staff, while improving your customer satisfaction

Extend the capacity of your existing team

Automatically resolving your simpler tickets means that your existing team can handle the more complex questions your customers ask you


Odlo reduced its spend on outsourced customer service agencies using automation


Anne-Catherine Grunholzer, Head of Customer Service

“Using DigitalGenius has helped us tremendously, particularly during our peak season. Thanks to the automation, our agents could fully focus on more individual requests and advising on products.”

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Identify and resolve recurring issues

Our analytics allows you to drill down and identify issues with carriers or warehouses, allowing you to address the issue and save money.

Recoup costs from carrier delays automatically

When an order is delayed, DigitalGenius can automatically raise an investigation with the carrier, allowing you to recoup your costs faster, and without human intervention. See how Porto’s did it.


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