Exasperated Customer Service Leaders Report That 40% of All Customer Tickets Are Mind-Numbing and Repetitive

25% also state that their customer service agents use between 5 and 8 different systems to resolve inbound customer questions

survey about customer service leaders

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, September 11, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — New research from DigitalGenius and Canam Research confirms long-held concerns in the customer service industry regarding an abundance of annoyingly repetitive, yet easy-to-resolve inbound customer service queries.

4 out of 5 customer service leaders say that significant percentages of their team’s overall ticket volume are tickets that are highly repetitive, yet easy to resolve:

– 37% of surveyed leaders say that 40 percent of their team’s tickets are repetitive, yet easy to solve
– 48% say that 30 percent or more of their team’s tickets are repetitive, yet easy to solve
– A whopping 80% say that 20 percent or more of their team’s tickets are repetitive, yet easy to solve

These repetitive, mind-numbing inbound questions range from simple refund requests to subscription changes to account lookups, and everything in between. Even more concerning for customer satisfaction and the morale of customer service agents themselves, 25 percent of customer service leaders also state that their agents use between 5 and 8 different systems to resolve these inbound customer questions – adding needless time and frustration to the process of resolving customer concerns or questions.

These results and more are all captured in a new downloadable guide from DigitalGenius called Survey Says: What Customer Service Leaders Say About Their Jobs in 2018. This free paper uncovers exclusive new data from Customer Service VPs and Directors about hiring and retaining customer service agents; the channels they’re using in 2018 to resolve customer questions; how customer support helps their companies maintain a competitive advantage, and more. It’s available for download here.

“Right now the customer service industry is moving from a systems-heavy, repetitive orientation to one in which repetitive questions can be fully resolved with machine learning and AI tools,” said Mikhail Naumov, President and Co-Founder of DigitalGenius. “The exploding number of ways customers can reach service agents in 2018, combined with soaring customer expectations, are all illuminated in this research – and it’s clear from the data that tools that can address mundane, repetitive work will create more time for agents to tackle the complex work their human brains were meant for.”

DigitalGenius is the AI platform that puts your customer support on autopilot by understanding conversations, automating repetitive processes and delighting your customers. The platform is powered by deep learning that understands your customers’ objectives, then drives automated resolutions through APIs that connect seamlessly to your own backend systems. This is the practical application of AI that delivers the concrete ROI you’ve been waiting for.

The DigitalGenius AI platform is used by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, The Perfume Shop, Air France and other forward-looking businesses to drive conversational process automation through the use of deep learning. Learn more about how it works at digitalgenius.com.

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