Final Checklist for the Golden Quarter 2022

Are you well-prepared for the oncoming Black Friday and Golden Quarter peak season? What measures have you got in place to ensure a frictionless customer journey during the peak season? It’s not just about Black Friday, but the beginning of the Golden Quarter.

Are you ready for the Golden Quarter and Black Friday 2022?

Here are 4 checkpoints to review before entering this year’s Black Friday and Golden Quarter:

1. Go Hybrid

Online and offline connectivity is essential if you want to make sales. Close the gap between offline and online by going hybrid. Brands leveraging their offline and online presence will benefit enormously. Shoppers expect brands to be available physically and digitally. With the roaming economic crisis, it will be a lifeline to retain existing customers.

According to Google, having a digital and physical presence can drive more than 32% of sales revenue. Shoppers love the flexibility of mixing offline with online, so this enhances the customer experience. Capitalise on Local Inventory Ads like Facebook store ads for offline-online advertising.

2. Prepare Your Customer Service

Get your customer service ready to deliver excellence during the golden quarter season. To achieve this, be more proactive with the team. Sharing insights and information with customer service for them to keep your customer informed. Positive interaction with customers turns them into loyal clients.

Enhancing your communications channels early ensures that you are in constant communication with your shoppers. Regular proactive updates and feedback on their purchases or returns are a must to achieve a frictionless customer journey. Ensure that your platforms are well integrated.

3. Adopt an Efficient Tech Solution

Integrate a proven AI platform to your technology stack. First, identify any faults in your plans and the support needed to accelerate growth. Switching during the peak season involves too many risks that might affect the user experience and sales. This peak season is a real test to prepare you for the next peak.

4. Develop a Shipping Strategy

Last mile delivery strategy is a critical factor that determines customer fulfilment. Shipping companies are overburdened during the golden quarter season, yet shoppers want their products to be delivered on time. The increase in volume comes with an increase in shipment fees and understanding the peak season shipment pricing helps you plan.

You may want to consider offering free shipping to attract more shoppers. According to a study, 49% of shoppers said free shipping is the number one motivator for online purchases. The return policy should also be clear and accessible to all customers to avoid any issues later down the line.

Offering online-offline omnichannel capabilities, where customers can purchase online and return in-store, or check stock availability online, significantly enhances the customer experience.

What Makes a Difference When Buying Online?

Studies show that more than half of respondents in the UK (57%), Spain (69%), Germany (63%), Poland (63%), Italy (60%) and France (59%) said that they pay for a subscription to a premium shopping service. Of those that did so in the UK, free delivery was the most commonly cited benefit (72%), followed by speedy delivery (62%).

Here are reasons why shoppers prefer online shopping

  • Return Policy
  • Fast Delivery
  • Free Shipping
  • Convenience
  • Flexibility

Why Choose DigitalGenius Automation Customer Service Platform for eCommerce?

Here are reasons why DigitalGenius is your proven AI platform to accelerate growth in your eCommerce enterprise:

  •   DG provides a tried and proven solution adopted by many brands
  •   DG accelerates the adoption of the state-of-the-art AI tech to deliver better CX
  •   DG removes customer journey friction by streamlining the user experience

Are you running an eCommerce brand? Are you looking to enhance customer experience, reduce cost or optimise customer service? Our proven AI platform keeps your team, customers and inbox happy by combining your workflows with AI integration.

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