Resolve tickets faster and delight your customers

Automation allows your customers to get an answer faster, and frees up your human agents to add value

We speak to your customers like a human would

Our AI understands what your customers are saying to you, and then you can build your own responses to their queries in your brand tone of voice

Skullcandy saw a 10% increase in customer satisfaction scores

By automatically resolving over 60% of tickets with DigitalGenius, customers get their questions answered in minutes, and agents are freed up to delight customers on more complex cases

Address customers in any channel

DigitalGenius works across chat, email, SMS, social and voice, allowing you to meet your customers where they want to speak to you

Keep customer satisfaction scores high

Using conversational AI through DigitalGenius is like deploying a super-agent who can understand customers and help them faster

Hand off to an agent at the right time

For more complex cases, a human agent is always able to take over and DigitalGenius can hand over when the time is right

Turn CS from a cost centre into a value centre

Allow your agents to add value to their interactions, convert hesitant shoppers, and retain happier customers.

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