‘Tis the season for tickets, returns & backlogs

Use AI automation to resolve tickets automatically, improve your agents’ processes, and get to zero backlog faster. 

Give your customers order & return updates instantly

Sports brand On use DigitalGenius to power Nora, which can give customers an update on their order, estimated delivery times, and can even expedite delayed orders. Here’s how it works:

Prepare for the unexpected

Carriers losing parcels, delays caused by averse weather… January is the gift that keeps on giving. Rise to the challenge with automation built to resolve your customers issues fast.

Save your agents time & stress so that they can beat the backlog

Handle repetitive, transactional tasks with AI, so that your agents can spend more time on the conversations that count. We’ll automate tracking links, return labels, refunds and loyalty points so that your team don’t have to.

Deflect and resolve tickets

Don’t just deflect tickets for a later day, actually solve them there and then with AI. Get to Zero Backlog faster with 24/7 replies – even on weekends and holidays.

Eliminate the need for temporary hires

Most retailers hire more staff to cope with peak periods at high costs with mixed quality. With automation, you can avoid that problem entirely.

Make customer service a revenue driver

With automation in place, your team will have more time to dedicate to delivering the best customer service – improving their experience and aiding shoppers in their buying journey.

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