Provide proactive automation within customer service

Don’t just wait for your customers to reach out to you with a problem – automatically speak to them about it!

How does proactive automation work?

Our AI can run checks in the background of orders. If these checks identify a problem then it can send out emails or alerts regarding the issues.

Identify shipping issues automatically

By integrating all your carriers into DigitalGenius, you can identify when a package is delayed and inform your customers automatically.

Resolve problems before they become problems

Offer customers a refund or a new delivery before they knew they needed one. Map your agents’ usual processes to an automated workflow and resolve issues before they happen.

Divert queries away from your agents

Give your agents the time and space to add value by up-selling, cross-selling, or providing recommendations – rather than reacting to repetitive customer problems.

Save money on delayed orders

When things go wrong, you can recoup costs from your carriers, as well as issuing replacement orders rather than refunds.

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