Discover why leading retailers use DigitalGenius for customer service automation

Looking to change your customer service AI provider? Here’s 6 reasons why you should use DigitalGenius.

2. We are integrated with all helpdesk platforms

We are platform agnostic and can work with any tech set up that you have. We have pre-built integrations with these helpdesks and more. 

3. Our AI is available out of the box, and off the rack

No more waiting months for implementations or for training. Our model is ready to go, and we aim to get you live and automatically resolving tickets within 6 weeks. 

4. Automate across email, chat, social and more

Automate across any channels you want. We start where you have the most need to automate, and replicate the flows across any other channels you have. 

5. Constant and consistent innovation

Benefit from consistent innovation in customer experience. Whether it’s generative AI, new channels, new use cases, we are always making AI work better for you and your customers. 

6. Easily see how automation improves your CSAT

Deep dive into analytics and see which automations are performing best, which need attention, and see how DigitalGenius keeps your CSAT scores high.

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