Empower your team to handle higher ticket volumes

With the efficiencies that DigitalGenius’s AI and automation provides, your team can handle more queries without increasing the number of agents

Manage seasonal peaks in demand without hiring extra staff

67% of heads of customer service hire additional staff or outsource to an agency during peak. DigitalGenius eliminates the need for this by handling more of your tickets


Beauty Pie broke the connection between business growth and headcount growth with DigitalGenius

Beauty Pie

Chandni Bhatt, Senior Manager, Beauty Pie

“We were able to launch within a couple of weeks. In no time at all we were automating 40% of our contacts, with a resolution rate of over 90%, whilst hitting our CSAT goal of 95%… we are so happy to have Route 101 and DigitalGenius as partners for the future.”

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Automate repetitive tasks for your team, allowing them to focus on your customers

Tasks like creating returns labels, issuing refunds, or raising investigations with carriers can be automated with DigitalGenius, freeing your agents from performing these time-consuming jobs.

Get to Zero Backlog faster

By automatically resolving tickets, your backlog stays under control, allowing you to spend more time ensuring your customers are delighted

Anticipate and resolve problems before customers reach out

Using DigitalGenius’s proactive automation, you can update customers about late orders, send return notifications and issue refunds automatically.

Use image recognition to detect problems

DigitalGenius’s image recognition can spot damage to products and other issues, allowing you to process returns and refunds faster.

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