4 Brands Automating Customer Support with Zendesk & DigitalGenius

More and more eCommerce brands and retailers are adopting automation as a strategic weapon in their CX toolkit and using Zendesk to support it. Automation is helping them prepare for the future of customer service, which is becoming increasingly tech-centric and personalised.

CX automation contributes to more productive teams, smoother order processing, happier customers, and a significant reduction in ticket resolution time.

CX automation covers much more than you’d think, from answering specific questions about your customer’s order to automatically issuing refunds.

If you’re considering CX automation for your business, get inspired by four other brands that successfully automated customer support with DigitalGenius’ AI-powered customer service platform and Zendesk’s cutting-edge CX software.

1. Skullcandy

The popular audio accessory brand, Skullcandy, experienced a significant increase in customer service tickets during the 2020 pandemic as more people needed good quality headphones to exercise and work at home. In April, they also had a voucher promotion, which led to a 50% increase in customer queries asking how to claim it.

Skullcandy needed a way to meet these increased customer service demands and resolve tickets without delays to keep their customers happy and maintain their excellent reputation.

DigitalGenius’ powerful AI platform identified technical and general eCommerce cases like charging issues, product troubleshooting, warranty-related requests, order status, and return/refund requests. Our team also created a workflow in just one day to help them manage their April promotion ticket increase.

Now Skullcandy can respond to customer’s order status requests, warranty enquiries, and technical issues in minutes rather than hours – freeing up their agents to spend more time on complex tickets and less time on repetitive queries.

With 50% of tickets automated, 80% of order status queries handled by DigitalGenius, and 57% of cases resolved without agent intervention, SkullCandy experienced a considerable decrease in resolution time, an increase in productivity, and excellent customer satisfaction scores with tickets handled at 97% accuracy.

2. Quiksilver

Surf apparel and accessory brand, Quicksilver, closed their brick and mortar stores during the pandemic, leading to a massive increase in online sales. This increase compounded by pandemic-related shipping delays meant more customer tickets than ever before.

Quicksilver couldn’t hire more agents, which led to a huge backlog, made more difficult by needing support across multiple time zones and languages. Since they were part of a larger retailer group, Boardriders, their agents also had to access data from other brands’ carriers, eCommerce platforms, and support, which was very time-consuming.

During this challenging peak, they decided to use DigitalGenius’ AI-powered integrations and workflows to take the pressure off their agents, handle customer queries in seconds and in multiple languages, and automate time-consuming, repetitive tickets like order status issues, refunds, and order modifications.

Within just two weeks, Quicksilver automated 80% of all their UK tickets with DigitalGenius – with no coding whatsoever. They integrated it with Zendesk, DPD, and Salesforce CommerceCloud to resolve 69% of customer tickets without any agent involvement and experienced an impressive 75% average reduction in resolution time.

DigitalGenius and Zendesk worked so well for QuickSilver; they’re now implementing both platforms across their chat features, social channels, and other brands in the Group.

3. Volcom

During the pandemic, boardsports retailer, Volcom, experienced a significant increase in online sales and wanted to manage their ticket increases without hiring new agents. Since they supported customers worldwide, they needed an automated solution built to support multiple languages, time zones, and carrier integrations.

In just one week, Volcom implemented DigitalGenius to automate a large volume of their customer tickets. They integrated it with Zendesk, their international carriers, and Shopify to give customers the exact answers they needed within seconds. Our AI could quickly identify and resolve common customer queries from returns to warranty requests.

Using the DigitalGenius process builder, Volcom created standard processes for each use case and tailored them to each local market. Since they started using DigitalGenius, they’ve decreased response times by 60%, resolution times by 20%, and now automate 32% of all customer tickets, with a 92% full resolution rate.

Now their agents have more time to focus on more pressing customer tickets. Their CX automation led to productivity and customer satisfaction increases – without hiring new agents. Now they’re in a much better position to scale their business.

4. Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers is an iconic men’s clothier in the US who faced significant customer service challenges when their stores closed in the height of the pandemic. Their agents were under severe pressure to get through their backlog of tickets when their online sales surged, which fulfillment delays only exasperated.

Brooks Brothers integrated DigitalGenius into their customer service processes to automate responses for returns, exchanges, order changes, and more in just a few weeks. They were even able to create custom intent processes to respond to queries surrounding the reopening of their stores. They achieved all this without integrating DigitalGenius into their OMS.

Now, Brooks Brothers’ agents are no longer swamped in tickets. They’ve automated 39% of all their cases, empowering their agents to handle more urgent issues. They’ve achieved 97% coverage on change order requests, reduced response times by 25%, and dramatically reduced resolution times by 96% compared to cases not handled by DigitalGenius.

Like many other retailers, they didn’t expect the massive volume of online sales and tickets that would come with the pandemic. But with DigitalGenius, they were able to automate so many of them, giving them back control and ensuring they kept their customers happy.

Ready to automate customer service?

By automating their customer service with DigitalGenius and Zendesk’s powerful features, each of these brands achieved their goals of reducing resolution times, managing
unexpected ticket volumes, decreasing customer service overheads, and maintaining high customer service standards.

In a matter of weeks, they had lifted the weight off their agent’s shoulders, achieved backlog zero, streamlined CX processes, automated repetitive tickets, and delighted their customers – all without a single line of code.

DigitalGenius is a no-code platform that combines AI integrations and workflows to make your customers, team, and inbox happy. It easily integrates with Zendesk to enhance customer experiences, increase agent productivity, and resolve customer tickets fast. Want to see how easy it is to use? Book a demo.

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