Resolve repetitive conversations, automatically

The majority of eCommerce customer queries don’t need a human to answer them – so why waste your agents’ time on them?

Free up your agents to delight your customers

If your agents are rushing to deal with your backlog, they don’t have time to add value to your customers. Automation frees them up to delight your customers.


musicMagpie used DigitalGenius to take the pressure off its agents


Jonathan Beirne, Head of Customer

“DigitalGenius has allowed us to take some pressure off the agents – freeing them up to spend more time with customers with more complex questions that really need that human touch. Automating our routine tickets has enabled us to provide our customers with an incredibly low first response time while delivering a high quality service.”

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Improve your first response time, and full resolution time

Automation allows you to respond faster, but also resolve repetitive queries without human intervention, meaning your customers don’t sit around waiting to be helped.

Get to Zero Backlog easier

Repetitive queries clog up your helpdesk and CRM, meaning your agents always have a mountain of tickets to address

Pass information to and from other sources instantly

Pull in tracking info from your carriers, and send data in order to generate return labels automatically without human intervention.

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