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Magoosh Uses DigitalGenius to Reduce Customer Support Queue by 50%

Since adding DigitalGenius AI to their Zendesk agent interface, Magoosh has augmented their customer experience and increased efficiency. 83% of all tickets are now supported by DigitalGenius, with 10% of total ticket volume now resolved end-to-end without agent involvement.

What the client said

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    Briana Cahn, Student Help Manager, Magoosh

    “In our first full week live with DigitalGenius’ AutoPilot, it was already auto-resolving close to 10% of my team’s ticket volume. We’re now fully automating additional support tickets, and we expect to auto-resolve between 15-20% of my team’s volume soon.”

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    Meet the People Who Train the Robots (to Do Their Own Jobs), The New York Times

    “When Magoosh implemented an AI system in February to help its customer service team work more efficiently … (Customer Support) Sarah Seiwert said the software has reduced Magoosh’s queue of customer requests by half, and it has made her team’s goal or responding to every customer within 24 hours more manageable.”

  • 50 % Reduction in customer support tickets

  • 95 % Is the CSAT score for support tickets resolved via our full automation service.

  • 10 % of all support tickets are automatically resolved

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  • The Challenge

    Magoosh hold a wealth of educational information, with more than 900 macros available for answers to common questions; however, the information wasn’t easily searchable which made it difficult for their support team to use.

    Magoosh also wanted to integrate the intelligence of AI to offload some of the ticket volume from their support team, aiming for full case resolution in the near future.

  • The Solution

    DigitalGenius was implemented into Magoosh’s Zendesk agent interface, creating new efficiencies and improving customer service

    DigitalGenius Full Automation handled support tickets that required immediate resolutions with our full automation solution. DigitalGenius instantly resolved support tickets end-to-end without agent involvement, leaving the Magoosh team to focus on complex cases and customer interactions.

  • The Results

    Magoosh has augmented their customer experience and increased efficiency as a result of implementing DigitalGenius.

    Today, 83% of all support tickets are now supported by DigitalGenius. DigitalGenius helps service agents with case classification, tagging and re-routing, with the AI showing 92% accuracy for tag predictions.

    DigitalGenius’ full automation service now resolves 10% of total ticket volume without agent involvement. We have retained a 95% CSAT score for support tickets resolved via full automation.

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