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There has been a 50% decrease in average handle time at Freelatics

Since 2014 Freeletics has been offering customers custom digital training with AI coaching. Now with over 40 million users, 160 employees and a clothing line, Freeletics has become one of the fastest-growing sports and lifestyle companies in the world. With the number of users continuously increasing, customer service has become more stretched and in some cases, it takes days for customers to receive answers for their basic queries.

What the Client Said

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    Working with the team at DigitalGenius has been fantastic. The guidance they provided made sure we delivered a great experience. Getting agents excited about DigitalGenius has been easy. Suggested responses help them resolve cases faster and they know that as they work with the AI, they train the automation to get better and free their time for more complex tasks.

  • 90 % CSAT on all cases handled by DigitalGenius

  • 3 mins Saved on every ticket handled by DigitalGenius

  • 50 % Decrease in Average Handling Time

  • The Solution

    Digital Genius implemented automation capabilities for cancellation and refunds in English and French. This involved processing information from Zendesk and internal backend systems.

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