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“KLM Transforms Social Customer Service with DigitalGenius”

The DigitalGenius Platform supports over 50% of all KLM inquiries, KLM is now about to automate answers to the most common questions, with the interference of a human service agent.

What the client said

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Pieter Groeneveld, Senior Vice President, Digital Air France

“By using artificial intelligence, KLM makes conversations with our customers even more timely, correct and personal. This what characterizes KLM. With the use of AI we support our service agents with technology and should be able to answer many more questions in a shorter period of time. This is exactly what the customer needs.”


  • 130,000 + messages processed each month

  • 50 %+ coverage of all support inquiries

  • 95 %+ accuracy of responses

  • The Challenge

    KLM always want to be where their customer are. By opening new customer service channels such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, KLM ran into a problem. The high adoption of these channels due to their convenience, also translated into high traffic volumes. Furthermore, KLM realised that adding more service agents would not solve this challenge. Messaging channels bring a higher level of customer expectations with passengers demanding faster answers

  • The Solution

    DigitalGenius was implemented in KLMs Salesforce CRM supporting 5 service channels, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Whatsapp and Wechat and 7 languages – English, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese with more channels and languages still to come

    DigitalGenius has deployed its Autopilot and Copilot capabilities meaning for repetitive questions the technology can manage them automatically and for more complex queries the Copilot app provides recommendations to agents inside Salesforce


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    messages processed each month

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    coverage of all support inquiries

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    accuracy of responses

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