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30% of their total volume with DigitalGenius Automation.

Since implementing DigitalGenius, Packlink has reduced response times, increased CSAT scores and freed up agents to spend on more complex cases.

What Our Customers Say

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    Antonio Naddeo Director Customer Support at Packlink

    “DigitalGenius has transformed our operations and it has been critical during this unprecedented time.Our agents can now focus on more complex issues as cancellations requests are now being successfully automated.”


  • 50 % Response Time Reduced by

  • 2.5 x Improvement in Agent Productivity

  • 30 % Cases resolved with no agent involvement

  • The Challenge

    Over the last two years, Packlink’s contact center volumes increased by 70%. Overwhelmed by these enquiries, response times started slipping, even to as long as a week in some cases. The team simply wasn’t able to grow quickly enough to keep up.

    A large majority of this volume is related to orders, refunds and cancellations. Packlink also has to support a multitude of languages, which provides an additional challenge to offering quality support for every customer.

    Ultimately, Packlink wanted to offer a high quality of service to their customers without needing to grow their team

  • The Solution

    Packlink deployed DigitalGenius’ e-commerce offering in a matter of weeks. They’ve integrated the platform with Zendesk along with other backend systems. This allows customers to receive a tailored resolution based on up-to-date information in seconds rather than days or hours. DigitalGenius uses it’s AI model to identify cases related to cancellation and refunds incorporating Packlinks business logic within the DigitalGenius process builder. This includes using DigitalGenius pre-built integrations with Hermes, UPS and various other couriers around the world.


  • Automated Responses


    of all incoming inquiries were accurately resolved without

  • Decreased First Reply Time


    Average First Reply Time has dropped by 50%, with many customers receiving answers in seconds.

  • Fast Resolution Time

    Over half

    of all customer cases are resolved in less than a day, even during seasonal volume spikes.

  • Increased Agent Capacity


    Packlink is now solving 2.5x more tickets per month with the same number of agents.

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