Free Automation Analysis

Automatically categorise your customer tickets and find areas for optimisation using AI. It takes 5 minutes to set up, less than a week to see the results, and it’s absolutely free.

Understand your customers’ top queries

DigitalGenius can automatically categorise your tickets and give you a dashboard so you can spot insights, spot recurring issues and fix them at root, and see the impact that automation could have on your business.

How does it work?

The Automation Analysis uses DigitalGenius’s artificial intelligence to detect what your customers are actually saying.

We can integrate directly into your helpdesk platform, analyse your customer tickets, and identify the meaning in each one.

This data is then aggregated, allowing you to see the big picture, and to deep dive into data segments.

“The automation analysis was quick and easy…

DigitalGenius have helped us see really easily what the main bulk of our customer contacts are about. Just an API connection was all it took to have 9 months worth of contact grouped together based on sentiment analysis. It’s given us a clear path to understand our priorities for automation.”

Amy Louise Smith, Head of Customer Operations, Le Col

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