Conversational AI for Ecommerce

Our AI is able to understand your customers’ queries and respond like your best agent would respond. 

Built for Ecommerce

Our AI model is specifically trained to identify the issues that shoppers face every day – from stock availability, delivery questions, WISMO (Where is my order), returns and many more. 

Intent detection

Immediately categorise your customer conversation with a high degree of accuracy with our intent detection, allowing you to see the top areas for automation and optimization.

Out of the box use cases

Our AI comes pre-built with over 60 use cases allowing you to deliver seamless customer experience automation from day one.

Resolve queries automatically

Once a conversation has been categorised, set up a workflow to automatically respond and resolve the issue for that customer without human intervention.

Human and AI working hand in hand

Decide which customer queries should be automated, and hand off to an agent for issues that require a human touch.

Agent Assist

Speed up time-consuming and repetitive tasks by bringing all relevant information into one page, and automatically generating tracking links and return labels.

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