Ensure every interaction has a resolution

Easily build workflows that map to your existing processes with our user-friendly platform so that all your customer queries get resolved

Cover every eventuality

Choose from over 200 pre-built actions to create workflows that address every possible interaction with your customers to find the best way to resolve their queries.

Work across any channel

Whatever channels you use, you can build dedicated workflows with custom logic, or reuse existing ones for any channel you add.

Integrate data from any other source

Pull and push data from any other platform you use via our API and built-in integrations. Fulfilment platforms, shipping companies, ticketing platforms, you name it!

Analyse your workflows

With our built-in analytics, you can see which workflows get used the most, and where you can optimise your processes for the best customer experience.

Build workflows for proactive customer service

Rather than waiting for customers to tell you about delays, create workflows that check for carrier delays and contact your customers proactively.

Keep humans in the loop

Involve your agents in your workflows when cases are too complex or if a human touch is needed to ensure the customer is satisfied.

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