Revolutionise your customer service with Generative AI for ecommerce

Harness the capabilities of generative AI to answer your customers’ questions and improve the path-to-purchase

Turn your FAQs into conversations

Generative AI can provide personalised responses to customer questions based on your knowledge base, alleviating any pre-purchase concerns your customers may have.

Transform your customers’ decision-making

Use generative AI to answer product questions and offer personalised product recommendations based on individual preferences and purchase history.

Access millions of potential shoppers on ChatGPT Interface

Ensure users receive up to date information about your brand and pictures of your product range using plugins.

Personalise your customers’ whole shopping experience.

Build trust with by generating multiple distinct response types, guaranteeing that every interaction that your AI has with a customer is personalised.

Integrate with your existing platforms

Seamlessly connect with all leading platforms to streamline your internal processes.