Drive action with insight and analytics.

Evaluate your ticket resolution metrics and identify areas for improvement at every customer touchpoint with real-time customer, ticket insights and analytics.

Categorise your tickets automatically

DigitalGenius’s AI automatically categorises every customer interaction so you can easily see your top categories and how they change over time.

Identify common problems your customers are facing

By viewing your ticket analytics you can easily see when problems such as late or damaged are occurring more often.

Escalate business problems to the wider company

Use data to spot patterns, such as when there is a faulty product batch, an under-performing delivery partner, or a stock issue on site. Raise these issues internally and fix the problem at the root.

Speed up your resolution times

Identify which queries are taking the longest to resolve, and build in optimisations through automation or upskilling your agents.

Report on your KPIs

Report back to the wider business about your team and department’s performance, with the data to back you up.

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