A unified platform built for eCommerce

DigitalGenius is built specifically for eCommerce and all the challenges eCommerce brands face. It integrates seamlessly with all your platforms, and is fully customisable to your brand.

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Continuously improving and evolving technology.

Leverage the power of our AI by tapping into an ever-growing list of pre-built eCommerce use cases for instant, accurate responses to repetitive customer queries.

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One-click integrations to all CMS, OMS and Carrier platforms.

Integrate with any CMS, OMS or carrier platform in a single click to instantly sync your customer data with DigitalGenius – no internal development resource required.

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Automate your existing manual workflows and processes

Recreate your agents’ processes in the platform to resolve customer problems faster, and win the race to Zero Backlog. Anticipate customer problems automatically and proactively resolve them.

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Refined through experience and expertise

Learn from the best eCommerce businesses in the world.

The platform is built specifically for eCommerce, with over 200 customisable actions available out of the box. It is being constantly refined to deal with new challenges that our customers face.


Flow Builder

Ensure every interaction has a resolution.

Customise workflows to suit your business and customer’s demands. Our user-friendly platform lets you easily create and replicate flows to ensure that each customer query gets resolved.

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Drive action with insight and analytics.

Evaluate your ticket resolution metrics and identify areas for improvement at every customer touchpoint with real-time customer, ticket insights and analytics.

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Meet customers in the channel of their choice.

Deploy your pre-designed workflows across multiple channels at once or a single channel including email, SMS, chat, voice, proactive and of course agents!

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